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Emerson maintained, "A garden is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coat—skirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistible destruction." The gardener responds, "What a way to go!" Once gardening gets into the man, it's hard to get the man out of the garden. Gifts for his garden would at least ensure a place in his thoughts and heart for you. Here is a bouquet of gift ideas for the gardener on your gift list.

A variety of structures lend themselves to the beauty and function of a garden. Arrange for the construction of a gazebo, fountain, pond (complete with fish, frogs, lily pads, and bridge), pergola, trellis, or shed in the gardener's garden.

A cordless telephone is a useful gift for the gardener whose phone rings every time she's halfway to the garden shed.

Garden accessories that serve as focal points are fun gifts for gardeners. Give a birdbath, birdhouse, sundial, or garden bench.

Gifts of tools for the gardener include irrigation kits, hose reels, lawn claws, garden markers, watering cans, garden trikes, scuffle hoes, spading forks, shovels, trowels, hand pruners, knee-saver mats, water timers, adjustable rakes, and garden scissors.

Fill a planter box full of blossoming blooms to give to the flower gardener.

Enroll the flower gardener in a community course on flower arranging.

Give a cookbook featuring recipes, or canning, freezing, or drying instructions for the vegetable gardener's produce. Your help in canning, freezing, or drying would also be a valued gift.

To present a gift of gardening tools, "wrap" them in a shiny galvanized garbage can or wheelbarrow and tie a big bow through the handles.

Give a composting unit, chipper, or shredder.

Give a gift of membership in The American Horticultural Society,

Smith & Hawken,, has a marvelous array of lawn and garden furnishings and accessories as well as gardening tools and clothing.

Other gifts for the gardener include a personal stereo or compact-disc player with a headset, seeds, a gardening apron, a hat, garden stakes (markers), and hose guards.

Give a gift subscription to Fine Gardening magazine,

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